How To Win Her Back

how to win her backHave you recently split up from your girlfriend?  I guess you have otherwise you wouldn’t be sat reading this web page!  I also guess that you’re here to learn how to win her back!

Before you worry about wining her back you should be asking yourself if that really is the best thing for you.  You need to be honest with yourself.  Don’t let your heart rule your head.  You need to be rational rather than emotional.  It’s always hard when a relationship ends, but you have to accept that it has ended for a reason.  Ask yourself whether you can really have again, what you had when you first met, or has that sparkle gone forever?  Do you love your girlfriend or was the relationship more of a habit?  It sounds harsh talking in these terms, but before we discuss winning her back, you need to be absolutely sure that it is the best thing for you, and also for her, because if it’s not, you’ll find yourself going through the same heartache again!

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Ok, so you really do want her back, you firmly believe it’s the best decision for both of you, what next?  You need to be honest with yourself again.  Ask yourself why you’ve actually split up.  You need to be sure of the problem in order to identify the right course of action.  And of course, the right course of action is going to mean changes on your part, if you’re successfully going to win her back.

So figure out what went wrong and take action.  If you’re unsure what the real problem was, ask her or ask her friends for advice.  Deep down most guys know the problem but won’t admit it to themselves, sometimes you need a third party to spell it out for them.  For example it’s not easy to accept that you’re boring!

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to go for the sympathy vote.  Women want a man they can respect as a partner, someone they can be proud of, not someone who begs, whines or crys!  Yes they want a man who can show his feelings, but there is a distinct difference between having feelings and feeling sorry for your self.  You want your girlfriend’s love and respect, not her pity!  

Once you know what went wrong, you can make a list of the things you need to do to change to win her heart back.  Writing things down reinforces their importance in your mind.  You’re more likely to do them if you write them down first.  Getting your ex back is not going to happen overnight in most cases.  You’re going to have to stick at it, and demonstrate over time that you’ve really made the necessary changes.

Find or create opportunities to remind her of the good times you had together, but in a romantic rather than desperate way.  Find ways to demonstrate the new you.  You effectively need to impress her all over again, just as you did in the beginning when you first met.

Struggling to think of creative opportunities?  (Maybe that’s why she left you!).  Seriously, if you want some great ideas to impress your ex, this package, all about how to win her back, is just what you need! 


It’s full of great tips and advice for all situations, covering all the potential reasons for why relationships break up, I highly recommend it if you’re serious about getting your ex back!

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