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Find Out If A Person Is Married

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

How do I find out if someone is married? Or rather how to tell if my date is married The easiest way tofind out if a person is married would be to ask them. If you do not believe their answer then there are other ways in which you can find out that the person you are with is married. One way would be to make use of a private investigator that will be able to follow your friend around or find out information concerning their personal life.

Private investigators are expensive and charge by the hour. The result is you end up spending a large amount of cash and not getting any solid results. There are some small things that you could observe that would be indications that the person you are with is married. Be observant of their habits. You can easily pick out a finger that normally wears a ring by the tan lines that will be on it. implement this interesting tip if you want to find out if he is married

If a man is married then it means he has a house somewhere. Ask to visit him at his house and see how he responds. If you are always meeting at your apartment or renting into places, then the dude is likely to be hiding his wife from you. If the person’s attitude often leads you to ask the question how I find out if someone is married then pick up on it. By being observant and being particular about detail will help you identify someone who is married.

The signs are normally there, but if you want tangible proof that maybe you want to have in indisputable form, try pulling up the marriage records. Accessing these files will settle the question how do I find out if a person is married. Checking through these records is the most reliable way to get the information.

The next time you want info on where can I find out if someone has gotten marriedjust use the ideas discussed here.

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How To Repair A Marriage – The Smart Way

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Answering the question how to repair a marriage can be approached in a number of ways. Things do not happen  the same way in a marriage and each marriage needs to be looked at separately.

So while one is looking for little known secrets of happy married life another is in search of help about when kissing stops in marriage or how to save a marriage in crisis

Just as an example, younger couples tend to fight and argue about control issues while older couples fight about children and things like mortgage payments
.But then there are some things that do work irrespective of the nature of your marriage

Identify the problem

You need to know what caused you start having problems in the first place. This looks easy but it isn’t really. You need to be able to differentiate between the cause of something and the result. Take a pen and paper and write down all issues you can think of.In fact talk to your spouse to help you with some and list  his or her own.When you start discussing the problems don’t rush to be defensive when you are in the spotlight.

Set precise objectives

One of the best things to do on how to repair a marriage is to have clearly defined goals that relate to the problem.If the problems are arising from poor communication, then your goal should be to improve communication

Set deliverable and time lines

When planning setting these goals do not make them unreasonable. Make them simple, measurable, realistic and time-wise. If you set unrealistic goals you will be setting yourself up for failure, which may lead to divorce – believe me I know what I am talking about.

Set the investment or cost needed to put the plan into action.

People hate having to look at money as being necessary to fix a relationship. Any relation including marriage needs to be looked after and this involves spending money.

Sometimes I say that the best thing I can invest my money in is my marriage. This could include things like going out, going on trips, buying each other small gifts etc.

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What A Tragic Is Divorce

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Today, there are many people who go through the tragedy of divorce.Divorce is a very complicated matter, in fact a couple who wants to get divorce not only have to dissolve the relationship but also the assets and children that they had gathered in the course of marriage.  There are many different steps that the coupe needs to take to sever the union, usually beginning with a separation between the two parties.  Most individuals will look for a divorce lawyerthat can help with the process and make sure all the bases are covered.In view of the fact that there is such a vast amount of information on the forms it becomes so confusing to go through the divorce papers.  Although the forms are available online for free, the individual will most often want to go through a legal service to help with the work and make sure it is properly filled out.

Steps To Get A Divorce

The first step in the process is to file a petition to ask the court for a divorce.  This document will state for the court what the grounds are for the divorce.  The court has to be convinces that there are irreconcilable differences between the two parties so that the divorce is the only remedy to the situation.

Another part of the divorce process is to ask the court for temporary orders, such as the need for support by a custodial parent, or in a situation where one of the spouses did not work outside of the home.  These orders are usually filed and granted within a few days so that the individual can have what is needed to survive while the divorce process is being completed.

The next step of the divorce procedure is the service of process where the individual who filed for the divorce must get the divorce petition to the other party’s lawyer so that they are fully informed of all the documents that have been filed.  Once that paperwork has been received by the other party, then they must file a response to the petition.  If there is any defense needed or any disagreement, this is where that would be filed.

Once the response is obtained, then the parties can begin the final negotiations about any points of contention in the petitions.  The usual points of contention in a divorce have to do with property division, custody and visitation of children, and spousal support.  If these issues cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom then the divorce proceedings start to settle them there.  If they can be settled outside of the court, then the parties can submit an order of dissolution to the court for approval.

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Divorce Means Separating Two People That Were Sealed

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

The dictionary defines divorce as the dissolution of a marriage and the separation between things that should go together. Divorce can prove to be very disturbing and surprising for a lot of spouses who are faced with the end of their marriage. Some of that dismay might come from figuring out they were never right at the time they wed and believed they belonged together.

Some of my friends who have gotten a divorce talk about how amazed they were at their feeling of failure. After I was divorced, I felt differently than those people. Years before I told my husband, I thought about leaving the marriage and gaining my freedom. Because of this, when the conversation happened, I was not surprised at all. He was the one who was shocked.

The feeling of failure was because I thought I should have recognized before we married that my husband and I were actually not things that should go together. Our families would have avoided much misery and wasted money had we only known of this fact.

We did not have any children so the circumstances might have been somewhat different compared to divorced couples who did. The fact that no children were involved might have affected my emotions. Rather than have a feeling of loss and failure, I really felt relieved when it finally came to an end.

However, from multiple discussions with divorced acquaintances who have kids, it’s apparent that divorce is harder on kids than the separated persons. The children of a divorce do not have any influence about the decisions being made but they are affected.

Two people decide to marry and they make that decision partly because they are positive that they belong together. We can give a reduction to partners who do this for financial or immigration reasons. In truth, unless they live together first, a couple cannot be sure that they are meant for each other. My mother told me that many years ago. There is great truth in the saying that determining what someone is really all about is never known for sure until you move in with them.

After studying the meaning of divorce from a dictionary, I think that often people marry the person they feel will complement them and when this does not turn out, the result is divorce. Then, after cohabitating and perhaps procreating, they discover they don’t pair well. Then they divorce.

If you’d like more information, you can learn more about my practice as an family law attorney in Austin TX. You may also want to ask for our Austin Texas Divorce Guide CD at If you need more specific information, you can see our Austin Texas divorce FAQ’s.

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Divorce and its Effects on Families

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Divorce has captured a lot of public attention in the current years, since the divorce rate has gone very high and families are starting to feel the bad effects of this event. This brief article will try to explain several facts about divorce in America, then summarize the problems it has on kids as well as the entire family.

Divorce is explained as legally dissolving marriage. In America, this term has become a common phrase discussed at home, in the office, as well as other places. While divorce is a term we mention casually we should take a look at the numbers that are declining over time.

According to a study from 2005, the national divorce rate is currently at its lowest in over thirty years. This low rate comes after a long period of high divorce rates and we are just now starting to understand some of the impacts that are pushed onto families that are in this situation. According to a report by Rutgers’ National Marriage Project, despite the falling divorce rate, only 63% of children grow up with both biological parents, one of the lowest percentage in the world. The is the end result of the significant divorce rate experienced in the last few decades.

Further discussing the effects of divorce on families, we will begin with the monetary burden on the family unit. Both parties after a divorce are beginning a new part of their life. The worst affected are women, 73% of whom reported a drop in standard of living as compared with 58% of men. The courts will divide marital property while personal property not related to the marriage should remain unaffected.

Children are often the most harmed in a divorce. General stability and bad attitudes, as well as self esteem problems and difficulty getting along with their parents. Being torn away from biological parents can cause children to have emotional strain, irreparable damage, difficulties in learning and interacting with peers in childhood, and can also result in difficulties starting and maintaining relationships as the child grows older. As well as this, research has shown that teenagers who have divorced parents have a greater chance of drinking alcohol, taking drugs and having a decreased socioeconomic status in general.

Continuing into adulthood, the detrimental effects of divorce continue. There have been research that show learning less and having trouble maintaining long term relationships with frequent delayed onset is caused by the negative anxiety of repeatedly failing relationships that can lead to a divorce.

With today’s divorce rate decreasing and increased education about the subject is available, we can only expect that divorce will become less of a problem for grownups and kids in this country. More factors are at play than can be discussed in such a paper, however the future is beginning to look up for divorces in the United States.

If you’d like more information, you can read more about my practice as an divorce lawyer in Austin TX. You can also watch the Free Austin Divorce Guide Audio CD at There is an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Learn how a Austin TX collaborative divorce attorney can guide you through family disputes with dignity.

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Agree To Marriage Counseling With Your Mate

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Relationship counseling is often a last resort for couples on the brink of the divorce.  But some couples try counseling early on when the first problems rear their heads. Counseling is certainly something that a couple shouldn’t be afraid to try, even if the problems are relatively minor.  Often, catching small problems early with counseling can prevent bigger problems down the road.Early relationship counseling can even do something to help prevent a future divorce.

Today’s couples seem more eager to try to new things, which makes counseling a good option.Couples married years ago are less likely to go for counseling, perhaps because it wasn’t something you talked about when they were younger. Very often marriages of 20 or 30 years now end in divorce, which is a shame because they’ll never know if relationship counseling could have helped save the marriage.

If you feel like you need marriage counseling, be sure to ask your partner to go with you in a nice way.If you ask your partner to go to counseling in a way that seems like you are accusing them of being the problem and needing counseling, you’re likely to encounter resistance to the idea.  Try to make it clear that you want the counseling for yourself if nothing else.

If you ask your partner to go to relationship counseling because you yourself have some issues you need to work on, then they’re more likely to view the idea favorably.  Explain that you think you need some help to be able to contribute more to the relationship, and to learn how to be a better partner or spouse.Don’t accuse your partner of needing counseling.Even if you believe that they are the problem, don’t say it to them.  Once you’re in relationship counseling, they will learn tips and techniques for being better within the relationship, just as you will.

Don’t be afraid to suggest marriage counseling, whether you’ve been in the relationship for 6 months, 5 years or 3 decades.  It’s never too late to try counseling to resolve problems.It’s never too late to try to keep small problems from becoming bigger ones. If the relationship is relatively new, you might think that you’re admitting to problems and admitting that the relationship is rocky by suggesting counseling.  But that’s not true.  But facing any obstacles now, you’re making the relationship stronger in the long run.

If your mate believes that your idea for relationship counseling means that the relationship isn’t perfect, and maybe is doomed, calmly explain that it isn’t true.And because you’re willing to admit that everything is perfect shows that you’re willing to make necessary changes to keep you and your partner happy.

If your partner refuses, go on your own.  While the counseling would work best if both of you go, you can go and work on things to improve yourself. If your partner sees you going to relationship counseling, they’re more likely to give it a try.

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Do you know about online divorce support?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Just like shopping and other things that are available online, divorce support is also available online. You need to sit with your computer and talk to the expert providing you divorce advice. Everyone who has to undergo divorce process needs support and this is made possible online. There is no need to get appointments and wait in a long queue if you can get online counseling. You can find experts online all the time and they are ready to talk with you about online divorce.

Many people are now interested in getting online support as they never have to reveal their entire identity. There will be experts waiting to give you counseling online and you can talk with them without disclosing your identity. Divorce support groups are also found online and these groups also give you advice on divorce. Experts will give you online advice and there is no need to tell them who you are. You don't have to tell everyone who you are and hence, you can stay comfortably online. To get help, you just have to share your problems. All your problems and issues related to divorce can be easily solved by counseling experts. On the other hand, if you need divorce, you can get support for online divorce as well.

Online support is not like personal counseling in which you meet the counselor in person. Some people find it difficult to share their problems with that providing divorce support online because they don’t know whom they are talking to. Even though they can stay anonymous, they find it uncomfortable to talk to a strange person. You just need to know basic computer operations to get support online. Many people hesitate to use online support because they think that they have to be computer experts. With online divorce support, you can certainly save time and money and get solutions for your relationship problems.

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Try to Be Nice to Yourself During and After Divorce

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

A divorce can be viewed in many ways – an end to a relationship, a welcome relief from the fighting and tension, or a new beginning. It’s important no matter how you look at it. It’s wise to be kind to yourself during this period of change.

You will have to deal with the grief that is caused by the loss you suffer when you get divorced. It is the death of the life you were looking forward to when you got married. It is the death of the life and dreams you planned together. It might even be the end of your perfect parenting situation: two committed parents living together and taking care of their children.

It is difficult to know how you will react subsequent to the divorce as so many emotions will come into play. You may be feeling overwhelmed and even numb, but this is part of the process and is normal. Everyone experiences this part of their life in different ways. It’s best to express your feelings rather than keep them to yourself indefinetely.

You might learn that talking to others helps. Your friends my try to comfort you but may not know how to deal with your emotional state. This is the time to turn to a professional. If your emotions are out of control it would be best to look in the white pages for a social service agency that may provide counseling. You might even be able to find an affordable, or perhaps free, counselor to help you out.

Additionally, take care of your financial circumstance, especially if you didn’t take part in handling bills and other monetary decisions. If you drop by your local community college you may find courses that will help you to adjust if you are recently divorced.  If you want to go in right direction, then a social service agency can help.

If you have not been employed before, don’t be concerned. It’s a wonderful time to learn new skills toward a new career and you may even have access to grants and loans since you are newly divorced. If you need to find another job, check the phone book for employment agencies that can help you craft a resume, create a cover letter and shine at a job interview.

You can also start feeling bad about yourself when a relationship comes to a close. You might be down after your marriage did not work out. What a wonderful opportunity to do the things that you haven’t had time for – take a class, get together with old friends, or develop a new skill. The more you get out there, the more you will start feeling yourself again and become the vibrant, healthy person you were before.

If you find this interesting, you can learn more about my experience as an divorce lawyer in Austin. You should also watch the Austin Texas divorce workshop at If you need other answers, you can review our Austin divorce FAQ’s.

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What benefits can you get by getting divorce support?

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Everyone values his family more than anything else. Only a good family unit can help anyone succeed in his career. Everyone uses the family environment to groom the skills. If the couple is not satisfied with each other, running a family together is impossible. If your family life is not satisfactory, you cannot be successful in your professional life. Divorce is the only possible solution in those cases. Divorce always seems to be an intelligent choice for couples, but atleast for the sake of children of marriage, you should consider getting support. Consequences of divorce are certainly serious, but not many couples think of them earlier.

Today, several websites provide divorce support. By getting help from these people, you can thoroughly study your situation and determine if divorce is really essential. Life after divorce is daunting for many and raising the kids as a single parent is even more difficult. Many people who provide support already have past experience of divorce.

Using online support, you can talk with experts and get divorce advice. Unlike conventional counseling, you don’t have to wait for the appointments. The experts are available online to listen to your problems. A viable solution can be obtained when you talk openly about all problems.

If you are pretty sure that there is no option other than divorce, then the websites can actually guide you to get divorce. If you and your partner are having the same opinion of getting divorced, then you can obtain divorce using online divorce forms. Websites offering you divorce support will tell you all about getting divorce form and filling the forms. When you do all the paperwork on your own, you can save money that you have to normally spend for an attorney. Moreover, getting education about divorce is greatly beneficial because you can understand what is going on with your divorce application. Divorce process is complicated and with advice from experts, you can easily complete the process.

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Tips To Help Stop Your Divorce

Friday, April 17th, 2009

If you are going through that terrible time when love is coming to an end and you find yourself saying, “Please stop my divorce“! you are not alone. There are many who have gone through it and saved their marriage and plenty who didn’t but found themselves happy again afterward. There are many things that you can do to help stop your impending divorce or correct marital problems before they get to that point.

First realize, though, that as much as you may want to save your relationship you may not be able to. Make sure that you prepare yourself mentally for any possible outcome. This isn’t thinking pessimistically, it is being realistic which is what you need to be.

Make use of family therapy or seek out marriage counselors. They have been well trained and have lots of experience helping people go through these times. Even if someone has cheated on their spouse, they can still help. Many marriages have been saved because of counseling and therapy. They are used to dealing with spousal infidelities, depression and other things that stress a relationship to the point of divorce. Marriage counseling doesn’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of places for you to get relationship advice before you go see a divorce lawyer.

One thing that you can learn not to do that may help stop your divorce before you ever get an attorney involved is don’t argue. Arguing will only make the situation worse. You can try calling it reasoning or what ever but the truth is you are trying to force them to feel differently than they do. If you are serious and you want to “stop your divorce” then realize that your battle is against your separation, not your spouse. The more you argue with them and try to point out where they are wrong the more they will be wrong in your mind.

Don’t try to defend your actions. You may be right, but don’t try to convince them of that. Find the truth in their argument and agree with that. The more you agree with what they say, the more they will be right. This will only make them see that you are willing to do what you want them to do, see your side of the story. If you are honest and accept what they say then they will more likely be open to listening to your side of the story. Family therapy is great to help you understand how to communicate better if you really want to “stop your divorce”.”

This is only one part of the things that you can do to help when you are wanting someone to help you “stop my divorce“. Quit talking about it and start acting on it. Your marriage will only have a chance to survive if you are willing to act.

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