Mind Control Techniques That Will Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

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We call this tactic an Inner Game tactic. I want you to imagine giving ,000 to a degenerate gambler who is seriously in debt and, at the same time, giving ,000 to a guy who has got his act together and already has plenty of money.

When the rich dude gets the extra cash, he starts to think of the cool things he can do with the extra cash. Give the guy who can’t stop gambling the cash, and he uses it to pay off bookies, he needs the money….

The degenerate desires the money because he NEEDS it, he has bookies to pay. The rich guy desires the money because of the posibilities it can create, but he will be just fine he doesn’t get an extra ,000. For the guy that has tons of money, his desire comes from a place of possibility. To the gambling degenerate desire comes from necessity.

This is possibly the greatest “inner game” technique to get your ex girlfriend to want you back. You gotta stop needing your ex girlfriend back. I’ll get back to this in a second.

Imagine this for a second. Picture in your mind your girlfriend constantly asking for your unrelenting attention every single minute of the day. If you don’t, she flips out and starts crying. This girl wants to spend every hour of the day with you. She phones you 10 or 11 times an hour. Anytime another girl even looks at you, she gives you a tongue lashing.

You might be ok with this situation for a little while, but soon your attraction for this girl will flatline and go to ZERO.

Remember the movie Swingers? The main guy breaks up with his girlfriend and starts living his life like a miserable wuss, whining all the time about how he wants her back. Where do you think his desire for his girlfriend is coming from? Its coming from a place of NECESSITY! The girlfriend can sense this and her attraction for him drops to ZERO exactly as what happened to you in the hypothetical example above.

The minute the Swingers guy ends his wussy behavior and begins to go out with his friends and talk to other girls, a HUGE mental shift starts to form. His desire for getting his ex girlfriend back stops coming from a place of need or necessity! New possibilities open up for him and HIS GIRLFRIEND CALLS AND SAYS SHE WANTS HIM BACK!

I know it sounds weird, but a woman can really sense when your desire for her switches from need to possibility. When your desire for her comes from possibility, you are so much more attractive to her and she is a MILLION times more likely to get back together with you.

So go out and meet other girls immediately. Pretty soon, instead of desperately needing your ex, she will just be one of many possible girlfriends for you. Your ex girlfriend will begin to feel this from the way you act towards her and talk to her and she’ll become a hell of a lot more attracted to you.

So this was a good little “Inner Game” tip, but realistically you need an ENTIRE plan to get your ex girlfriend back. If you’d like to discover more secret psychological tricks to QUICKLY & easily get your girlfriend back after a breakup, including a simple step by step plan, you should visit our website  immediately. We have an 83.6 percent proven success rate in terms of getting ex girlfriends to want their guy back. This system is PROVEN to work.

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